Considering Replanting? Let Bean Cam Help.

BY David Schiff | May 1, 2017 - 

1500 Downloads and Growing

Since its release last year, Bean Cam, a free app developed through field work by UW Extension scientists, has been downloaded over 1500 times.

The free, handy app calculates a field’s plant population by averaging five plant count samples at the VC, V1 or V2 growth stages. You simply snap five photos at random points in your field and the app will calculate your expected yield percent at harvest with and without spring replanting.

The app even considers the historical median frost date for all locations inside within Wisconsin at the closet township level.

With that data, you can make a better informed decision if spring replanting makes sense for your farm. Yo can read more about the app here.

How to get the free Bean Cam App

Download the free app for iPhone and iPad here.

Download the free app for Android devices here.



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