US EPA Denies Petition to Remove Chlorpyrifos

BY David Schiff | April 17, 2017 - 

Farmers May Continue to Use Chlorpyrifos

According to a recent ASA press release, the US EPA denied a petition to remove Chlorpyrifos as a crop protection tool.

ASA president and soybean farmer Ron Moore issued a statement “highlighting the science-based nature of EPA’s action.” He called on the EPA to “continue on such a path when reviewing future traits.”

President Moore said “Soybean farmers have long maintained that to have a functioning regulatory system, such decisions have to be based on science.” Relying on perception alone is insufficient.

Follow the Manufacturer’s Label and Use Chlorpyrifos Correctly

Moore continued “Today’s steps taken by EPA are positive ones in the long term effort toward a more science based system. The denial of the activist petition on chlorpyrifos came on the heels of statements from academia, farmers and consumers alike, all bearing out the safety of this product when used correctly and in accordance with the manufacturer’s label.”



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