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Wisconsin Soybean Association (WSA) 

Founded in 1972, the Wisconsin Soybean Association (WSA) is a grassroots, farmer-led, membership organization. It is supported by entirely by membership dues. This is not a checkoff funded page. And the information, policies, and/or content on this page are not funded by soybean checkoff dollars.

Since the soybean checkoff is prohibited by law from lobbying, WSA works to ensure that sound policies are in place to enhance the future of soybean farming. We work on behalf of our 1,200 members to positively impact regulatory and legislative issues on a local, state and national level.

Mission Statement: 
The WSA is a progressive organization devoted to bringing together all persons interested in the production, marketing, distribution, and use of soybeans and soybean products.

Strategic goals:

  • To increase grassroots participation and our total association membership.
  • To communicate and inform our existing and prospective members on public policies regarding the Wisconsin soybean producer.
  • To promote the association’s visibility and increase its public relations thereby improving its image among policymakers and the general public.
WI Soybean Association Board Members 2018

Tony Mellenthin
Menomonie, WI


Rochelle Schnadt
Lodi, WI


Matt Karls
Hixton, WI


Adam Steen
Burlington, WI

Matt Hintz
Amherst, WI
Dr. Shawn Conley
Madison, WI

Sara Stelter
Wautoma, WI

Becky Heck
Barneveld, WI

Ryan Nell
Beaver Dam, WI

Eric Smith
Fremont, WI

National Directors
Brad Kremer
Pittsville, WI

Don Lutz
Scandinavia, WI


Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB)

Established in 1983 as part of a Wisconsin-mandated checkoff, the WSMB works every day to maximize the profitability of Wisconsin soybean producers. Grassroots and farmer-led, the WSMB dedicates itself to building demand, creating new uses and focusing on disease research for Wisconsin soybeans.

Our Board is committed to statewide education and outreach programs to inform consumers about the benefits of soy. And it’s our mission to maximize the profitability of Wisconsin’s soybean producers by investing Wisconsin’s soybean checkoff funds in targeted domestic and international research, promotion and communication initiatives.

WI Soybean Marketing Board – 2018 Board of Directors


Patrick Mullooly
Clinton, WI


Andy Bensend
Dallas, WI


Jonathan Gibbs
Fox Lake, WI

Matt Wagenson
Bear Creek, WI

Kevin Bork
Grand Marsh, WI

Gary Seipel
Eau Galle, WI

Steve Wilkens
Random Lake, WI

North Central Soybean Research Program (NCSRP)

Mike Cerny
Sharon, WI

Nancy Kavazanjian
Beaver Dam, WI

Jennifer Poltermann
Genoa City, WI
Charles (Chuck) Prellwitz
Ripon, WI