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When you drive past the vast farm fields throughout this beautiful state, it can be hard to visualize the farmer that grew those crops. Here at Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board we’d like to change that fact. These bean farmers support their communities, raise their families and provide our nation and the world beyond with one of the most versatile crops on the the planet, the Soybean. Join us as we share their successes, struggles and everyday life of some of these proud farmers. We are pleased to share with you the true Faces of Farming.

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Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo

February 2-3, 2023

Faces of Farming / Farm Topic Videos

Covering topics relevant to Wisconsin soybean farmers.

Grower Alerts and Warnings

Asian Soybean Rust rust_field_view

Grower Alert: Getting Ahead of Asian Soybean Rust

As the fine article on the UW Extension website observes "Asian…
First Seed-to-Plant Spread of Harmful Soybean Virus

Grower Alert: How the State Budget Shortfall Could Affect Soybean Farmers

Wisconsin Farm Report journalist Pam Jahnke recently interviewed…
First Seed-to-Plant Spread of Harmful Soybean Virus

Grower Alert: First Seed-to-Plant Spread of Harmful Soybean Virus Proven by UW-Madison

For the first time, a UW-Madison study has proven a crop-injuring…
First Seed-to-Plant Spread of Harmful Soybean Virus

White Mold in Soybeans

Published on Aug 29, 2013 Dr. Damon smith talks about white…


Biodiesel's Positive Impact On Soybean Farmers

Biodiesel fuel positively impacts the US economy, especially…

Soybean Neonicotinoid Seed Treatments Provide Farmers Negligible Benefits

New research has been published regarding neonicotinoid seed…
Soybean Harvest

Play a Role in Minimizing the Soybean Yield Gap

Once again, Shawn Conley and his team at the University of Wisconsin Extension are digging into ways soybean farmers can minimize yield gaps. This time they need your help.
Soybean Harvest

Waterhemp Study Results Available

Please read the note below from Dr. Rodrigo Wehrle about the…


Soybean Field

Biomass-Based Diesel (BBD) Volumes Stagnant in New EPA Proposal

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not recognized…

Field Report from Northwest Wisconsin

Andy Bensend, soybean grower, WSMB board member and 2017 winner…

Please Help with Waterhemp Seed Collection Survey

Please help UW Extension Weed Scientist Dr. Rodrigo Werle by…
Shawn Conley

Drought: Happening Here in WI Too

Our good friend—Dr. Shawn Conley—reminded us today many Wisconsin…


Two people in field holding soybeans

Crop and Pork Producers Brave the Cold for the 2019 Wisconsin Corn•Soy Expo

Despite the negative 25 degree temperatures, farmers, exhibitors and speakers from throughout the region gathered at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells January 31st and February 1st for two days of learning, networking and fun.
Sponsored by ASA

Apply Now for the ASA Conservation Legacy Award

Each year, the American Soybean Association (ASA) holds a contest…
ITO careers in agriculture

Look for the New Episode of Into the Outdoors!

The weekend of June 30-July 1, 2018 sees the debut of the latest…

WSMB Urges Members Concerned with China Tariffs to Speak Up NOW.

With the declaration of tariffs on China by President Donald…


dicamba, off site

Handling Variable Soybean Maturity

It's been an odd—and variable— year weather wise. When you…

Nitrogen Nodules: Quick Answers to Common Questions

In a recent issue of the Soy Report, Dr. Shawn Conley tackles…
dicamba, off site

Avoiding Spray Drift

Badgerbean has had a close to home case of spray drift. Sad…
dicamba, off site

V4 Nitrogen and Lactofen Applications For Greater Yield Do Not Pay

Thinking V4 inputs? Hold your horses. V4 soybeans are shooting…

Featured Farmers

Faces of Farming - Till Farming

Matt Wagenson of Bear Creek, Wisconsin talks about methods of till farming.

Faces of Farming - Social Sustainability

Matt Wagenson of Bear Creek, Wisconsin talks about social sustainability.

Faces of Farming - Water Managment

Jonathan Gibbs of Fox Lake, Wisconsin talks about water management.

Faces of Farming - No Till Farming

Jonathan Gibbs of Fox Lake, Wisconsin discusses no till farming.
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