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When you drive past the vast farm fields throughout this beautiful state, it can be hard to visualize the farmer that grew those crops. Here at Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board we’d like to change that fact. These bean farmers support their communities, raise their families and provide our nation and the world beyond with one of the most versatile crops on the the planet, the Soybean. Join us as we share their successes, struggles and everyday life of some of these proud farmers. We are pleased to share with you the true Faces of Farming.

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Wisconsin Corn/Soy Expo

Feb. 6-7, 2020
Kalahari Resort
Wisconsin Dells, Wisconsin

Faces of Farming / Farm Topic Videos

Covering topics relevant to Wisconsin soybean farmers.

Grower Alerts and Warnings


Dr. Carrie Laboski

Grower Resource: Dr. Carrie Laboski

I'm Dr. Carrie Laboski, a State Extension Specialist in Soil…
Damon Smith

Grower Resource: Dr. Damon Smith

I'm Dr. Damon Smith. As a State Extension Specialist, my goal is…
Shawn Conley

Grower Resource: Dr. Shawn Conley

I'm Dr. Shawn Conley. My focus is helping growers improve crop…
Shawn Conley

Grower Resource: The Relative Importance of P and K for Soybean

In two simple, clear videos that take less than a half hour to…


Soybean Replant App in use

Grower Alert: Soybean Replant App Ends the Guesswork

A new Soybean Replant App for iPhones and Android devices helps…
Shawn Conley

Grower Resource: Assessing Winter Wheat and Spring Nitrogen Timing

Assessing Winter Wheat and Spring Nitrogen Timing: It's that…
US EPA action on Chlorpyrifos

Grower News: Update on GMO Labeling Standards

Here's an important update on GMO Labeling Standards. On February,…
Winners of the WSA WSMB 2016 WI Soybean Yield contest

Recap of 2016 Corn•Soy Expo: A Great Yield of Knowledge

The 2016 Corn•Soy Expo went off without a hitch on February…



Shawn Conley

Grower Resource: UW Soybean Expert Management Suggestions

Recently, UW Extension soybean expert Shawn Conley spoke with…
IoH Featured Image

Grower Alert: Assessing Flood Damage in Soybeans

With torrential rainfall comes the natural question of assessing…
WSA President, Brad Kremer

Grower News: One Grower's No Till Viewpoint

Pittsville, Wisconsin grower Brad Kremer—president of the…
IoH Featured Image

Grower News: Road Rules Reality Check

Here's a quick road rules reality check. While the law was changed…

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