2017 Fungicide Efficacy Tables Now Available

Get the 2017 Fungicide Efficacy Tables for Soybean, Corn and Small Grains

Dr. Damon Smith, UW Extension Field Crops Plant Pathologist, recently posted the 2017 fungicide efficacy tables for soybeans, corn and small grains.

Dr. Smith adds these rates are generated based on independent, University efficacy trial data from across the United Sates. He notes if you cannot “find a particular product on the table, it is likely that it isn’t commonly used, or there isn’t enough data to confidently generate an efficacy rating.”

In addition, the Wisconsin Field Crops Pathology site provides a wealth of information on Fungicides.

New This Year: Fungicide Efficacy Tables for Soybean Seedling Diseases

What’s more, Dr. Smith notes an added new feature: an efficacy table for fungicides effective against seedling diseases of soybean. The list includes ‘the most widely marketed products available’.

Finally, please remember to follow the application recommendations on the fungicide container label. As Dr. Smith says. “the label is the law!”