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Adding Nitrogen to Soybeans Doesn’t Pay

In a recent study, 21 soybean scholars, including our own Dr. Shawn Conley, reviewed the effect on yield of adding nitrogen. Bottom line: adding nitrogen has a small effect on yield and positive ROI is unlikely. The study aggregated yield data from replicated field experiments at 105 locations within 16 states between 1996 and 2016. […]

You’re Already Out. Why Not Sample for Soybean Cyst Nematode?

The Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board (WSMB) sponsors free nematode testing for growers. It’s a great program to take advantage of because, as Dr. Shawn Conley says, “the first step in fixing a nematode problem is to know if you have one.” In a recent edition of the Soy Report, Dr. Conley, who is our state […]

Handling Variable Soybean Maturity

It’s been an odd—and variable— year weather wise. When you factor in soil types, flooding, ponding and a late season drought, you may be looking at soybean fields with a great deal of in-field variability in soybean maturity. You might have areas that are perfect to go now next to patches of green seed. So, […]

Winter Wheat Prep: Planting Right and Avoiding Blight

It’s the season for planting Winter Wheat. Before you put those seeds in the ground, though, we recommend you visit two brief articles by Wisconsin soybean specialists Dr. Shawn Conley, Dr. Damon Smith and John Gaska. The first article gives you the top eight recommendations for establishing winter wheat in both a quick review form […]

Dicamba Injury and Yield Loss in Roundup Ready Soybeans

Here’s a quick summary of some research performed on the effect dicamba injury on yield performed at Purdue University for three site years in 2009 and 2010. While the scientists were able to make some predictions about yield loss, it’s complicated. Visually judging injury is subjective. Moreover, it is often impossible for growers to know exactly […]

2017 Winter Wheat Study Outcomes

Recently, Wisconsin soybean specialist Dr. Shawn Conley (with the help of his crack Bean Team) published the results of the 2017 Winter Wheat Study and in furrow starter fertilization study. The Winter Wheat study showed a 15% drop in acreage planted. And there were certainly challenges with severe winterkill and lots of rain in the spring. […]

Nitrogen Nodules: Quick Answers to Common Questions

In a recent issue of the Soy Report, Dr. Shawn Conley tackles the four most common questions he has about nitrogen nodules from Wisconsin farmers. This season’s over abundant rain and lack of sunshine and the pale green color of crops in the field have growers on edge. Hopefully, these answers will clear up some […]

What Soybean Farmers Could Teach OPEC

Here’s an interesting article  from Marketwatch.com about lessons OPEC could learn from soybean farmers and shale producers. It’s a short read and makes two main points. First, it’s difficult to regain market share once you lose it. Second, the free market responds to restrictions in supply by developing options. Those options may start out modestly but can […]

How Row Spacing and Seeding Rates Affect Weed Management

UPDATE 05.30.17 Technical support suggests you go here to see the presentation. Further, if you are a Mac user, please use a browser OTHER than Safari. The links below should work fine on an iPhone though. ———– Here’s a quick yet comprehensive presentation on how row spacing and seeding rates affect weed management. This half hour […]