Considering Switching From Corn to Soybeans? Read This First.

The long, wet spring of 2017 is frustrating farmers all across Wisconsin. It’s only natural to be thinking of next-case scenarios, including switching from corn to soybeans.

Here’s an excellent article, penned by Dr. Shawn Conley, that gives you a thorough rundown of the considerations to make before switching.

These considerations include items such as:

  • Do you have a residual corn herbicide in the field that is not labeled for soybean. If so, don’t switch crops. Follow the label. The label is the law.
  • What will switching cost—and how to figure that accurately
  • How much nitrogen is left in your field and what effects that may have
  • Are you planting a strong breed of seed or junk beans? We still have the potential to recapture 90% of maximum yield potential. Better genetics mean better yield.
  • How much of your 2017 crop is marketed and how flexible are your options. If poor crop ratings lead to another million acres of corn converted to soybeans, Dr. Conley believes this will exert pricing pressure on both crops.

Run the numbers. Think it through. This thorough article gives you the tools to do both.