Why Leave Genetic Yield in the Field?

Bring your production field records for 2014 and 2015 to this year’s Wisconsin Corn•Soy Expo held on February 4 and 5, 2016 at the Kalahari Resort in the Wisconsin Dells.

Dr. Shawn Conley, UW Extension Soybean Specialist, would like to study those records to learn why the average soybean farmer faces an average gap of up to 50 bushels per acre—or more—over the genetic potential of the seed. (And no worries, your records will be kept confidential and used only as part of a massive aggregated data set to help identify reasons for this yield shortfall).

Through your cooperation, Dr. Conley hopes to calculate what’s happening in Wisconsin to maximize productivity and minimize those production gaps.

Go to coolbean.info for more information. And see you, and your production field records, at the Wisconsin Corn•Soy Expo.