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Biomass-Based Diesel (BBD) Volumes Stagnant in New EPA Proposal

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has not recognized the potential for Biomass-Based Diesel (BBD) and advanced biofuels in their latest environment fuel proposal. In their recent press release, the American Soybean Association (ASA) expressed their concern that the environmental benefits associated with this type of clean energy do not appear to have been considered in this new proposal, as it shows zero-growth for the coming years. More specifically, the proposal sets 2021 at 2.43 billion gallons for BBD, which matches the 2020 levels.

The ASA is dedicated to voicing their concerns and advocating for soybean farmers across the country. Advancing biodiesel is a key concern for the organization, as it is their belief that renewable fuels enhance energy diversity, promote the jobs of farmers and rural economies, and provide global benefits, like reducing harmful emissions.

In response to this new EPA proposal, ASA President, Davie Stephens, stated “the proposal doesn’t reflect the needs and capabilities of the domestic biodiesel and soybean industries.” However, the Final Rule has not been made on the EPA proposal and the ASA will continue to advocate for more consideration of BBD and advanced biofuels as renewable energy resources.


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