Field Report from Northwest Wisconsin

Andy Bensend, soybean grower, WSMB board member and 2017 winner of the National Conservation Legacy Award, filed this field report recently about conditions in Northwest Wisconsin.

“The soybeans in NW Wisconsin have generally reached stage 6 or 7 as the earliest planted are beginning to yellow and drop some leaves. The crop has received some much needed rainfall over the past week and will benefit with some increase in seed size. Disease incidence is low for the most part with some spots showing up with White Mold and Stem Canker. SDS is also showing up here and there with very low incidence. Soybean aphid numbers are now crashing and a few farmers had to apply pesticides as the economic threshold for spraying was reached. We are on track for an average to above yield in this area except for the sandiest soils where moisture stress will limit yields.”

Badger Crop Doc Damon Smith Weighs In

Badgerbean reached out to Badger Crop Doc, Dr. Damon Smith, for the current scoop on SDS, Brown Rot and White Mold. You can read his detailed report here. In his report, Dr. Smith explains how to identify these diseases and what you can do should you spot them.


Here’s a good shot of Andy’s crop that he sent along with his field report. You can see the yellowing he describes.

A good close up of Andy’s beans.