American Soybean Association Joins Farmers for a Sustainable Future

The latest press release from the American Soybean Association (ASA) has announced that they are among the 20 groups representing millions of farmers as part of the Farmers for a Sustainable Future (FSF). This initiative is committed to both environmental and economic sustainability and will serve as a resource for D.C. policymakers as sustainability and climate policies that will heavily impact agriculture come forward. The ASA has been a vocal participant since the inception of this coalition and plans to play an active role in the direction of the new D.C. based group. 

ASA CEO Ryan Findlay noted, “Soybean farmers have an awesome story to tell, including their sustainability initiatives, so it’s great to be able to collaborate with like-minded organizations to facilitate sound policy and program decisions and have a platform to share our efforts.” Objectives put forth by this coalition aim to make significant strides and have already reduced agriculture industries’ environmental footprint.

The overarching goal of the group is to provide the foundation and work towards the adoption of meaningful and constructive policies and programs affecting agriculture. Millions of farmers across the country are dedicated stewards of the land and are paving the way to climate-smart farming by promoting efforts including; soil health, water conservation, wildlife enhancement, alternative fuels, and among others. 

The guiding principles of the FSF call for policies that support science-based research, support of a healthy planet, investment in infrastructure and more. To view the full listing and learn more visit the FSF official website, here.