Grower News: ASA Urges Quicker Action on RFS Rules

In a recent release, the American Soybean Association (ASA) urged the United States EPA to adopt quicker, more expansive volumes for the production volume of biomass diesel (Renewable Fuel Standard, or RFS).

ASA suggests EPA’s proposed requirements “fail to capture either the current capacity or the potential growth for biodiesel.” The EPA set a proposed limit if of 2.1 billion gallons by 2018. The ASA argues instead for a 2.5 billion gallon requirement

According to the EPA’s assessment, biodiesel “achieves greenhouse gas emission reductions ranging from 50 percent to 86 percent better than petroleum diesel.” Given the current pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, the ASA believes the EPA should encourage greater biomass diesel production.

Beyond the environmental benefits, increasing the production volume would be an “easy opportunity to help agricultural and our rural economy.”

The ASA believes the boost in volume requirement is both “achievable and warranted.”

If you would like to have your voice heard on this topic, you can use this site to find your representative in Congress. This site gives you your representatives contact information.