Grower News: EU Approves New Biotech Traits

In a press release today from the American Soybean Association (ASA), the European Union (EU) has approved three new biotech soybean traits for import and processing.

According to the release, they are “Xtend dicamba-tolerant soybean and Vistive Gold high oleic soybean products from Monsanto, and the Balance GT FG72 soybean from Bayer CropScience.”

The approval means that “the EU’s livestock and feed industry, which is more than 70 percent dependent on imported feed, can get the high-quality protein it needs.”

While the ASA praised the action, it also hopes for quicker approvals in the future. The three soybean traits received approval from the European Food Safety Agency over a year ago and had been waiting for final approval from the EU commission since January.

The ASA observes that the longer and more difficult approvals become, the more challenges it raises for growers.  It could also reduce the incentive for new technology parters to create new products.

The ASA hopes that approvals in the future will come more quickly and easily.