Grower News: EU Inches Closer to Biotech and Glyphosate Approval

A recent email from Eric Gibson of USSEC (the U.S. Soybean Export Council) suggests the “long-drawn-out saga of the EU’s renewal of glyphosate’s authorization could be resolved by the end of this month.”

While Gibson cautions that “there are no guarantees,” contacts in Brussels also indicate the European Commission may be ready to “authorize the three soybean events, including Roundup Ready 2 Xtend Soybeans.” According to these sources, this could happen ‘within days’ of the glyphosate authorization.

While the voting procedures are intricate and complicated, and there is not a current ‘qualified’ majority of EU countries ready to give their approval today, there are encouraging signs. Close to 53% of the 65% required majorty are in place. France and Italy did not vote against the measure and had previously been in the ‘no’ camp.

What’s more, an editorial in France’s leading daily newspaper, Le Monde, argued in favor of glyphosate approval, saying it was a “cornerstone” of the modern agricultural system.

In the next several weeks, a number of USSEC members will meet with members of the Eurpoean Commission to discuss biotech, pesticides and other market access issues. Gibson reports that Growers Alliance members from Argentina, Brazil, Canada, Paraguay and the U.S. will also be meeting with the “industry partners and European Commission officials to discuss market access for soy.”

In the weeks ahead, we’ll keep you posted as events occur.