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Grower News: GMO Labeling Bill and Vermont Law Effects

According to a series of recent press releases from the American Soybean Association (Asa), action continues on creating the federal standard for GMO labeling.

Action is critical. Since Vermont’s labeling law took effect on July 1st, one release notes more than 3000 food products have been removed from the shelves in Vermont in just six days.

Coupled with with the ongoing concern of a larger drop in consumer sales and informal surveys showing that many label confuse consumers, the need for federal action is stronger yet.

So where is the federal action? The U.S. Senate recently passed a bipartisan bill to set a national standard for labeling foods containing GMO products. The ASA thanked Senate Agricultural Committee Chairman Pat Roberts and Ranking Member Debbie Stabenow for their work in securing of the bill.

The ASA has urged the House to take swift action on the compromise bill that “provides consumers the information they need without stigmatizing a safe and sustainable food technology.”

If you would like your voice to be heard on this topic, you can use this site to find your representative in Congress. This site gives you your representatives contact information.