Grower News: National Academy of Sciences Confirms Safety of GMO Soy

The National Academy of Sciences (NAS) recently released a major study that confirms the safety of GMO soybeans.

A press release from the American Soybean Association (ASA) gives the major highlights of the report. You can read it here.

The NAS report reviewed a broad range of studies and “reaffirmed that there there are no adverse health impacts associated with the use of GMOs for either humans or animals,” according to the ASA release.

A summary of the NAS report can be found here. You can access a special dedicated website on this groundbreaking report here.

The study went on to note that the the distinction between genetic engineering and conventional plant breeding is becoming less clear.

In reaching its decision, the NAS considered over 900 research and other publications—evidence accumulated over the past two decades.

ASA President Richard Wilkins, a farmer from Greenwood, Delaware, commented “Today, the National Academy of Sciences reaffirmed what health and safety officials have confirmed for two decades: GMOs are safe. The scientists at the Academy also confirmed what we as farmers also have known for 20 years – that GMOs provide significant benefits for producers.”

Wilkins continued, “[GMOs] help us manage pests, weeds and reduce on-farm inputs, and they do it with absolutely zero risk to people or animals. This is an exceptionally in-depth report, and we hope that it will move the dialogue on GMOs to the next chapter.”

The NAS report also captures the current, significant advances in the science of plant breeding, and how the breeding techniques under further study will continue to benefit growers.