WSA President, Brad Kremer

Grower News: One Grower’s No Till Viewpoint

Pittsville, Wisconsin grower Brad Kremer—president of the Wisconsin Soybean Association—experimented with no till planting this season with mixed results so far.

According to a recent article in Brownfield Ag News for America, Kremer planted about 60 aces of corn into soybean stubble this spring.

While a “little disappointed” Kremer is unsure if this is due to anything more than the learning curve. He’s experienced good color but uneven emergence from his no-till corn.

In contrast, his tilled field ‘looks spectacular” with “terrific emergence”.

Kremer hasn’t identified what might be behind the uneven emergence on his no-till field.

Says Kremer, “I did not have trash rippers on my planter and I think that is something that we will implement in the future.  I didn’t have a no-till knife (or a blade) in front.  I did have down-pressure on my planter.”

Kremer is quick to note these weren’t the “results he was hoping for,” his results are far from a failure.

Kremer has noticed environmental benefits from planting no till, particularly reduced soil erosion on those acres after a recent downpour.