Grower News: WI Soy Growers Complete National Training Course

Wisconsin soy growers Rochelle and Evan Schnadt recently completed their training as part of the 32nd class of the American Soybean Association (ASA) DuPont Young Leaders program.

According to an ASA press release, the program helps fill “the critical role of identifying new and emerging leaders in the soybean industry and then training them to be strong voices and advocates for agriculture,” said ASA President Richard Wilkins.

For Rochelle, a highlight of the program was the opportunity to “network, connect and share ideas with other farmers. It helps you feel that you’re not alone and that others face many of the same issues we do.”

Another program feature Rochelle enjoyed was a personality assessment geared to helping her understand how people think so she can find the best ways to communicate. “It’s been a big help in working more effectively with others, especially family,” Rochelle said.

“Farmers are forever students looking to improve practices and do more with less,” Rochelle observed. The program helped prepare her to “share what we know with others in our communities and have a healthy conversation about topics on consumers’ minds, such as GMOs.”

About 50 growers from 22 states and Canada took part in the class.

The two-part program was held at the DuPont Pioneer facilities in Johnston, Iowa and at the Commodity Classic Convention in New Orleans, Louisiana. It touched on issues such as upcoming technologies, advances in the seed industry and how to be strong advocates for American agriculture.

“I highly recommend the ASA DuPont Young Leaders program,” said Rochelle. She encouraged any young farmer interested in participating in the program to contact the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board.