Grower News: Wisconsin #1 Soybean Crop in the Nation

The Fabulous Farm Babe, Pam Jahnke, recently shared some fabulous news: Wisconsin currently holds the #1 soybean crop in the country.

Jahnke asked UW State Soybean Extension Specialist Dr. Shawn Conley about the great news. (You can listen to the interview below)

Dr. Conley believes our crop is such good shape now because of relatively early planting and weeds are under control. Diseases and insect pressure have been fairly low.

Of course, while it’s nice to be the #1 soybean crop in July, we still have a ways to go until harvest.

As far as concerns about white mold go, the current hot weather is tough on mold. Models run by Dr. Damon Smith suggest the risk of white mold is currently low but it pays to keep a sharp eye out.

With August and hot and dry weather coming up, spider mites present the biggest concern. Again, keep a sharp eye out.

Conley reports a little aphid pressure but the numbers are low.

Finally, with our fields doing so well, Dr. Conley reminds growers to enter the yield contest. There are several opportunities to win. And the state is divided into four districts, so you’re competing against growers facing similar conditions.

Big cash prizes will be awarded for yield, for oil and quality and for the first 100 bushel an acre yield entrant. You can download entry forms and rules here and read more about the contest here.