Shawn Conley

Grower Resource: Insights from the High Yield Project at the V4 stage

As fields dry out and growers think about inputs, UW Extension soybean expert Dr. Shawn Conley offers a couple of smart things to keep in mind based on the USB funded High Yield Project.

First, the research suggests adding nitrogen to soybean isn’t likely to pay off. The data show “V4 applications of nitrogen to soybean provided a +3.9% relative yield change, but a 0 to 27% chance of ROI based on yield levels from 45-75 bu per acre and $12 beans.”

Second, while lactofen is effective on white mold and many broadleaf weeds, it does NOT enhance yield for growers in the Midwest. Dr. Conley’s studies show a 0% chance of ROI when “lactofen was intentionally used to defoliate soybeans and promote branching in Northern and Midwestern soybean fields.”

If you’d like to learn more, Dr. Conley suggests you check out the article Using High-Input Systems for Soybean Management Increases Yield but Not Profitability. It’s a thoughtful study that deserves careful review.