Grower Resource: New Insights on Seed-Applied Inoculants

Wondering how crop rotation and tillage may influence seed-applied inoculant decisions? So were David Marburger, Spyridon Mourtzinis, John Gaska and Shawn Conley of the UW-Madison Department of Agronomy.

So they went into the field to find out.

Here are the top three highlights of their study:

  • Conventional tillage and no-till did not impact soybean response to inoculant use.
  • Soybean yield did not respond to inoculant use in first-year soybean after five years of continuous corn
  • One of the inoculant products used in the study—Optimize—increased soybean yield by 1.9 bu/a on average compared to the non-treated control. That’s a four percent bump.

Want to know more or see the whole study? You’ll find it here.