Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic Soybean Vein Necrosis

Grower Resource: UW – Madison/Extension PDDC (Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic)

One of the many benefits of being a soybean grower in Wisconsin is your ready access to the experts and expertise of the University of Wisconsin – Madison/Extension Plant Disease Diagnostics Clinic (PDDC).

The PDDC provides help in identifying plant diseases as well as provides trustworthy educational information on plant diseases and how to control them.

A wide array of individuals and groups draw on its resources. It’s a great resource for everything from plant diseases to providing diagnostic work, such as analyzing samples to confirm the presence of a disease. You can find its schedule of services and fees for 2016 here.

The PDDC gives you step-by-step instructions for collecting and submitting samples.

You’ll find soybean fact sheets here.

There’s even a Wisconsin Disease Almanac that compiles and lets you see what others samples have shown as well as the counties where the samples come from. The almanac is presented in a weekly format and totally searchable with a few keystrokes.

The PDDC also does outreach events. Here is the overview of events for 2016. You can also look by month. You’ll find it at the 2016 Wisconsin Farm Technology Days this July 19-21 at Snudden Farms in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin.

The PDDC exists to serve you and welcomes you to explore its website and contact the clinic should you still have questions. You can reach it at 608-262-2863 or by email at