Shawn Conley

Grower Resource: UW Soybean Expert Management Suggestions

Recently, UW Extension soybean expert Shawn Conley spoke with Mark Dorenkamp of Brownfield, Ag News for America.

In two short interviews, which you can listen to here and here, Dr. Conley gives three specific pieces of advice.

  1. Many farmers planted early to gain the ‘free yield’ of a longer growing season. But you cannot forget about weeds, especially as glyphosate isn’t working as well. Keep your beans clean, Dr. Conley suggests, to avoid taking a hit at harvest.
  2. We’ve seen record yields lately. While that’s awesome, it also means a good deal of nutrients headed to the silo with the harvest. If it’s been a couple of years, take soil samples stay abreast of nutrient levels in your field. Studies show the investment in fertilizer, particularly phosphorus and potassium, is more than returned in yield.
  3. Finally, treating seeds continues to deliver a positive ROI for both corn and soybeans. While Dr. Conley understands why growers may be reluctant to invest in seed treatment, the data suggest you’ll earn a positive return even in a down market.