How Planting Dates, Maturity and Temperature Affect Soybean Yield and Composition

Grow the crop you want to bring to market

A recent issue of Coolbean considers the effects of planting date, maturity groups and temperature on soybean yield.

From data gathered in controlled test plots across Wisconsin, the study compared the relative roles of these three variables. And in terms of yield and composition, they matter. A lot.

As you might expect, there are trade offs.

If your goal is to bring to market a harvest with highest yield, oil and oelic acid potential in your region, the combination of early planting (late April to early May) of the longest maturity group (MG2) is the best path to that result.

If a harvest with high protein is your target, you can delay planting but you will likely see a lower yield.

For the full story, check out Coolbeans.