Soy Help

The American Soybean Association Launches #SoyHelp

The American Soybean Association (ASA) in collaboration with the United Soybean Board (USB) has launched the #SoyHelp campaign, to help connect with soybean farmers across the country as they cope during these challenging times. The ASA COVID-19 task force conducted a survey in April regarding the effects of COVID-19 on soy growers, their operations, employees, and families. Results concluded that stress levels are high among farmers. 

May is Mental Health Month and the ASA is offering a proactive communications campaign to combat #FarmStress and offer #SoyHelp. 

  1. National mental health resources, including suicide hotlines and crisis centers
  2. Agriculture-specific resources for farmers and farm families, both national and state
  3. COVID-19-specific resources for stress and other concerns, both national and state

The #SoyHelp campaign will include the following outreach:

  • #SoyHelp social media posts throughout May on ASA Facebook and Twitter
  • A social media toolkit for each soybean state and USB to participate and share resources
  • Related stories in ASA’s weekly eBean email newsletter and content for state newsletters
  • Editorials from soy growers on #FarmStress
  • Expert advice on the subjects of farm stress and seeking emotional support

The ASA is dedicated to doing their part and working to relieve stress and anxiety that many farmers are feeling as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact the industry. Providing support and resources are top priorities for the organization on both a national and local level. 

Read the full ASA press release here: