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What is an Agronomist?

Smart piece about agronomists produced by Univ of Wisconsin College of Agricultural & Life Sciences & UW Extension.

Published on Jun 26, 2015

Agronomists ROCK!
So what is it like to be an agronomist? This video shows some of the activities that University of Wisconsin-Madison students Adam Gaspar and Marian Lund take part in as they prepare for agronomy related careers. Adam describes why agronomy is an exciting and fulfilling field of study.

If you would like to become an agronomy student at UW-Madison, or for more general agronomy related information, follow the links below.

American Society of Agronomy

Dr. Shawn P. Conley

Adam Gaspar, Marian Lund
UW–Madison, College of Agricultural and Life Sciences

UW–Madison, Department of Agronomy

University of Wisconsin, Arlington Reseach Station

Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board

Videographer, Roger Schmidt
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