White Mold Risk. Week of August 5, 2017

BY  | August 7, 2017 - 

Calculations performed by Wisconsin plant pathology expert Dr. Damon Smith indicate a high risk of white mold for soybeans planted on irrigated 15″ rows.

Further, some pockets of high risk remain in the southern and eastern parts of the state.

The good news is that dry conditions have helped decrease risk in non-irrigated fields. Also now that many beans are now in the R3 and R4 growth stage puts them outside their most vulnerable period for infection.

With the cool forecast and chance for rain in the week ahead, Dr. Smith believes the risk will remain steady but, he adds, we are quickly getting outside the opportunity to treat for it. Check this post for more information on white mold and white mold management.

Further, Dr. Smith advises growers to “continue to growth-stage soybeans and note that map predictions should be considered for making white mold management decisions if soybeans are flowering AND soybean canopies are nearly closed.”

Apothecial risk for non-irrigated fields week of 08.05.17