UW Madison Assistant Professor and Weed Specialist Rodrigo Wehrle penned the note below to share the results of the waterhemp study he spearheaded.

Dear Colleagues,

In 2018 we conducted a study to evaluate and demonstrate the effectiveness of multiple PRE-emergence soybean herbicides on waterhemp control. This was a joint effort between the UW-NPM program (Dan Smith and Richard Proost) and my team (WiscWeeds; Maxwel Oliveira, Victor Ribeiro, Sarah Striegel, Nikola Arsenijevic, and Ryan DeWerff). The study was conducted at Lancaster Ag Research Station, in Lancaster, Grant County, southwest WI in a field with natural and significant waterhemp and common lambsquarters infestation. Treatments consisted of PRE-emergence soybean herbicides containing one, two and three different active ingredients and/or sites of action.

Per request of those who attended and also from several of those who could not attend our plot tours this summer, we decided to make our 2018 findings available :  http://www.wiscweeds.info/post/2018-uw-waterhemp-challenge-comparison-of-soil-residual-soybean-herbicides/

This same study will be replicated in at least two Wisconsin locations in 2019. Stay tuned for additional research findings related to our waterhemp control studies and also plot tour opportunities in 2019!

We would like to thank Mimi Broeske, UW-NPM Senior Editor, for developing the layout of this publication. Thanks to Doug Wiedenbeck and the Lancaster Ag Research Station staff for their support.

This study was partially funded by the Wisconsin Soybean Marketing Board and we appreciate their support.

Please feel free to forward this email to your Ag listserv(s).

Best wishes,


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